Monday, 13 August 2012

Figure out the bicycle, but remember to recycle...

Ahhh it is now only 15 days until I depart! Mental! In good news my sheer fear and trepidation has now transformed into excitement! I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life. Of course I am still nervous, but hey nerves are healthy right. (well they always help before a gig etc, so I figure some nerves are good, just like some bacteria is good for you hehe!)

I can now officially ride a bicycle too. A bit worrying, for a while was thinking I would end up learning to ride a scooter out in Taiwan before learning to ride a bicycle. But after falling over many times, a good few bruises and a rather painful expedition into stinging nettles...I can now ride a bicycle. So thank you to Beth and Johno for helping me out on the bike frontier! Next step is the scooter. Vroooom!!!  


Today's song of the day is Bob Marley - Three Little Birds. Because as Mr Marley tells me, 'don't worry...everything little thing is gonna be alright'. 

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