Tuesday, 13 November 2012

One's mother tongue...

Lately I have been really understanding how much of a difference it makes learning things from your mother tongue and a different language. I'll have the same books in English and Chinese in front of me. Whilst I understand the words being said in the Chinese...it always has a deeper impression upon me in the English. In English I can read something which can evoke and stir up emotion. In another language I just don't experience that. Yes this could be because I'm not fluent, but I genuinely think that no matter how good you are at another language, you're mother tongue will always have the most impact on you. So I'm really appreciating how difficult it is for people that move to different countries! I have such respect for my friends that have been here for 3/4 years, even though at times they've found it tough! Sometimes I think languages are wonderfully fascinating...then other times I deem them to be a curse, just because it's so frustrating if you're unable to express yourself. It's like being a baby all over again. Wanting to tell you something, but just unable to communicate it out. 

All this being said, I'm finding myself thinking in part English, part Chinese. Sometimes a Chinese word just fits in my English sentence better! The other day I went into the kitchen...now, I always approach the kitchen with caution because I've been chased out by numerous creatures too many times! So now I turn the light on, wait a few seconds for the beasts to scuttle away and then gingerly tip toe in blissfully unaware of their existence  Such a fruitcake, I'm not scared of the bugs, just don't like being caught off guard by them! So the other day I do the usual kitchen entering routine...think to myself 'yes success, no bugs today!'. Then I look down! Eyes popped out of their sockets to see a HUGE army of ants! Naturally I run out singing to myself (yes singing) "很多bugs, 很多 bugs"...I then laugh at myself for speaking Chinglish! But I quite enjoying mixing up the two languages...probably won't go down so well when y'all are having a right nightmare trying to understand me when I'm back! Looking forward to not having a kitchen entering routine...count yourselves lucky if you can waltz into your kitchen without a care ;) 

My tune of the day is The Cranberries - Zombie. I have been reviving the songs of my youth.  

interesting beetle...I'm fine with him there as long as he doesn't move...
when he spread his wings I fled

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