Thursday, 29 November 2012


WOAH!!! 3 months have past since I came here. That means I am half way through this journey. Mental! In some ways it feels like I've been here way longer, just because so much has happened. I'm still fascinated at how we just adapt to new surroundings! 

It's just insane, I first came here and every day was a challenge and just a tiring experience. It still is challenging, but not to the same degree. Now I can have small conversations with shopkeepers about what size feet I have. (I was in a shoe shop, I wasn't just randomly talking about my tiny feet on this occasion. Though it does sound a lot like something I would do.) And when I don't understand something, I just play the game of guess what was just said. Sometimes I win. I'm super interested to see how my Chinese fairs back in England. 

After my week of adventures. I am back at uni. With a new teacher. She refuses to speak any English in class, so it's a challenge, but amazingly I understand what's going on. So far so good! Actually quite enjoying it.

It's been raining a fair amount lately. When it does rain, it tends to rain all day long. But then the next day will be glorious weather. It's not been cold when it's raining, just a little damp. So a nice cuppa at home in the evening, always goes down well. Apparently acid rain can be a bit of a problem here. Which I was a little surprised at. Makes sense why everyone are so shocked that I never take an umbrella anywhere.

Scooting in the rain is interesting. I would love if someone could invent a detachable windscreen wiper for helmets!! And also, if you've had to park your scooter out in the rain and then ride it you end up with a wet bum. I was driving the car the other week, driving on the highway where the speed limit is 110 kph. So I got to thinking...goodness how fast is that. It doesn't feel fast but sounds like it is! Turns out it's just 70 mph...which was a little disappointing hehe! 

On my adventures I have seen so many beautiful flowers. I'm not really a flower person, but they have caught my eye...

one of my favourite little parks... 
no idea what it is but it looks interesting...
looks like a more sophisticated daisy to me...
Tune of the day Fun - Some Nights. I find myself singing it a lot when I'm riding my scooter recently. Then I suddenly realised I'm stopped at a traffic light and other people can hear me. But then I remember hardly anyone can understand English I carry on belting it out. 

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