Sunday, 2 December 2012

Jekyll and Hyde...

I got myself to thinking recently and realised how different Taiwan is to what I had expected. I didn't have specific expectations, but I pretty much imagined my life as it was, but just in a different place. When you move around in the UK that's pretty much what happens. But I feel like that's not actually how it has panned out. Well in some aspects it has. But I do feel like there are two versions of Abi, in a Jekyll and Hyde fashion.  There is England Abi, and then there is Taiwan Abi. England Abi is confident doing whatever and just toddles through life in a slightly eccentric, spontaneous manor. And Taiwan Abi, is organised, not quite so confident in daily life and not half as quirky. Why? Not sure. Quirky doesn't exist here so that's probably why my quirks have toned down (except when I'm with other Westerners) as it just wouldn't be socially acceptable. And the confidence, it's a case of over thinking...I think! I guess I'm still working out how things are done here. Though Taiwan Abi is more confident talking to complete strangers...which I find odd. So when I come back I think we are gonna have a 6 months worth of Abi quirks explosion. I apologise in advance! It's really odd to think about how life can be so different in different places. But it is fascinating. You of course have control of how you act and portray yourself, but cultures truly do mould that to a certain point. And cultures also mould how other people perceive you. But despite feeling like a different person in some senses, I have had some wonderful epiphanies on life and other such things. So being in a different culture does help see things from another dimension. Which is fantastic! And I mean would English Abi have ever had a dog? No. Would English Abi ever teach crazy kids? Possibly not. Would English Abi ever have the chance to ride a scooter in her daily life? Not a chance. So many experiences being had. It will be interesting integrating back into English life. Will it all just go back to how it was? I don't know. There are a lot of things that have a question over them for when I return to England. But that makes it exciting.

Happy Anniversary to my mum and dad. I am missing yet another family event! I will make up for it when I get back. :) 

My song of the day is Regina Spektor - How. I adore the piano in this song.

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