Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mystery 包裹...

Today, just as any ordinary day I came home from uni after finally grasping the 把 construction in Chinese that had always confused me in the past. Anyhow, I walk in the house...through the hallway and up ahead on the cabinet I see a parcel, assuming it's for one of my housemates...but I'm nosy so I take a peak at it...only to see MY NAME on it. What, a parcel for me?! I quickly pick it up and run upstairs to my room with it to get some scissors to open this wonderful red package! Snip snip snip. I open the parcel and instantly the biggest smile ever lands itself on my face!! A box of teabags, my favourite coffee, dairy milk chocolate, crisps, granola and a couple of lovely cards from my aunts and my favourite cousin. (Jade, don't tell the other cousins your my favourite haha!)Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift that just meant soooo much! I had just this last week learnt how to say mail a package in now I can excitedly tell my Taiwanese friends all about my wonderful parcel in Chinese. Ironically, I had ran out of cereal last week and because cereal is so expensive here, I had decided I wouldn't be buying a new box unless it was reduced somewhere, and that I would do fruit salad breakfasts or toast with my Indo friends bread that she gives us. So the arrival of the granola was perfectly timed! Oh, it is so exciting that I don't have to scrimp on my cups of tea any more. I was down to my last packet that I had brought with me...but now I can have more than one cup a day if I so wish! Ahhh, it is those little things that really do mean the most. Life is more than comfortable here and being part of another culture and way of life is of course exciting, but having these extra comfort foods is like the sprig of mint or parsley to garnish and complete the meal. (I don't like the cherry on top of the cake saying, because glace cherries aren't that nice...I think a sprig of a herb is much more fitting!) 

So needless to say I instantly decided to put the kettle on! A MASSIVE thank you to my aunts and my cousin!! And whilst I'm in a thanking for small things moment, a HUGE thank you to my parents also for always being there with a speedy reply to my emails, keeping me sane and all my friends that have emailed me whilst I'm away. You are all wonderful sprigs of mint and parsley! 

Another beautiful song I am loving...Lamb - Heaven. 

ooh what's this...a parcel...

pour moi?!...para mi?...寄給我嗎?!...for me?!

cue *gasp* enter massive smile...

the shock and excitement of an Abacus!


  1. So glad you liked it and that it arrived in one piece, I only posted it two weeks ago so I was worried it would get caught up with the Christmas rush. Love the pic jade said she wanted to see your face when you opened it! Lots love auntie Janine x x x

  2. glad you like it enjoy! love reading your blog aunty lu

  3. Ha ha! I won't tell! Glad it all got there in one piece! Thought u might be missing some those luxurious treats, so I couldnt resist putting in some monster munch and some naughty sweets!lol! Ur picture did make me laugh! Love jade xxxxxx

  4. I love it! It was a fantastic surprise! Oh yes I'm a classy lady Jade, beef monster munch all the way! Yummly! Thank you all. Glad you found the photo entertaining...Lady Abacus providing entertainment since 1990.