Friday, 14 December 2012

Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away...

After my last trip to the immigration office, I knew I would have to leave Taiwan and come back to be able to extend my visa for long enough. month I shall be travelling to the Philippines! :O Eeh, two of my Canadian friends are coming too. So exciting! My friends have been before so they know some fun places to go and have some contacts in the English field out there. The wonderful thing about the Philippines is that although the official language is Tagalog, the majority of people speak English too! If you had asked me last year if I thought I would get round to doing much travelling, I would have flat out told you no. English life is busy and we have a habit of filling it with an endless supply of tedious, sometimes unnecessary things (speaking for myself anyway). So I still can't really believe that I live in Taiwan and that this time next month I shall be in the Philippines! Mental!

The sun has been shining radiantly these last few days, so in an endeavour to make the most of it I went for a little adventure. I didn't actually find the place I was looking for...(I shall be enlisting the help of google maps and attempt to find it another time!) But instead I ended up in DongHai and found a very cute place to have a coffee called Doob2 Coffee. It's a new place so still relatively unknown. But it's fairly Western in style (complete with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry music playing in the background.) Anyhow...this place is nice not only because of the little rabbit toys on each table, but mainly because I had a scone there! Yes an English style scone. A 藍莓 (blueberry) scone to be exact! And oh the blueberry jam was lush! It's so funny, back home we see scones in most coffee shops and to be honest I rarely ever eat one. But stick me in Asia and the thought of a scone sounds truly delightful! 

I don't know for why, but the main road near my house is now lined with red paper lanterns, at night they light up. I know there is a Lantern Festival coming up, but that's not until February. Nonetheless, to scoot through the lantern lit roads in the pitch black of night is truly beautiful! Imagine listening to epic music such as Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles and riding down these roads at night. No words can describe how magnificent that is!

it looks even better when it's super dark

I love the rabbit's little green pullover. 這麼可愛!

Ok so it might not be as good as a proper Devonshire scone, but it was pretty good!

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