Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lefts and Rights!

Always know the difference between yòu and zuǒ...(右 and 左)-(sung to the tune of when you know your scales and your arpeggios...from The Aristocats.) It is a recurring thing so it seems, my getting lost. It's a skill! Though I will always happily ask for directions. Whether I can understand said directions is another matter, but always worth a shot. Now, I sometimes have a little difficulty with my left and rights in English, but then the Chinese language likes to go and make it that little bit harder by making the two words for left and right, kinda similar! In my opinion they are similar, more so than in English anyway. The other day a very friendly guy gave me great directions, so off I went merrily...thought process of an Abacus whilst scooting went like this 'ok straight for two turnings OR traffic lights, not entirely sure what he said, ok one...two...nope must be traffic lights not turnings, ok and left!' and turn I did. So the guy told me to turn yòu. Which is right! I went left and think, oh he was wrong, this isn't the place I'm looking for. Hmmm! So I carry on and try and work it out. I then said to myself out load what he had said to be...as I said yòu I realised I was a complete and utter clown who still can't tell apart her lefts and rights. In my head I for some reason associated y for yes and yes must be left because I am left handed! I have never, ever tried learning it like that, I have always gone with z is a cooler letter and is therefore left. (That is one of my crazy Abi logics, no one is expected to understand that madness for logic.) I might have to make myself some mittens or gloves with 右 and 左 on the appropriate hands to help me! Oh 右 and 左! Even the characters are fairly similar! 

I can't stop listening to Lucia Maria - Silence. Très belle chanson!

a lizard that stayed still long enough for me to be able to take his portrait...

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