Monday, 10 December 2012

Latest Randoms...

There we were walking along a street on service. Approaching a house with a cage outside, just like the typical cage the dogs are kept in. Sadly something that has become a normal sight, so I took no notice. But then...I hear a grunt! Eh?!...that is not a normal sound for a dog...! One slowly turns one's head, with an amount of uncertainty as to what I will see... My eyes lock with those of a BOAR! What?! Yes in the cage, was a boar. I have no idea why the owners are keeping a boar in a tiny cage, but this is Taiwan we are talking about!

Then walking home from school, merrily pondering and wandering. I nearly step on a crickety, grasshoppery thing. But this fella was massive! And he did not seem phased at all that a size 5 foot had nearly trodden on him! He wasn't opposed to having his photo taken either! 

Now I know I said before that squid was 不好吃...well turns out if you cover it in tempura batter and deep fry it, it actually tastes pretty 好吃! 

And before I have mentioned the awful bread situation. The bread here is smothered in sugar...and seems to never ever grow mould on it no matter how long you leave it, like it does in the UK when you don't eat it quick enough. It's a sad state of affairs. And as I gave up on bread all together, my fantastic Indonesian friend came to the rescue! She studies cookery at uni. Recently she's been doing a lot of baking in class and she gives it to us to eat, as she can't eat it all! You have no idea how amazing it was to eat a slice of bread that wasn't doused in sugar, just wonderful home made bread! The amount of joy a piece of bread brought me was insane. The other week I was subjected to try her chocolate and blueberry cake...such a hardship. And this week we've gone French and she has graced us with croissants....Mmmmmm! Gonna put my orange beret on, pretend to be French and have me a nice French brekkie! Ahhh, je suis très heureux! It sounds so ridiculous to get excited over bread and croissants, but when you're in a country that considers red bean paste to be dessert and think that cake is not cake without meat in it and even has a dessert eatery called Tofu Pudding, this comes as a lovely sense of normal! 

As I'm going to enjoy a couple of French brekkies, let's go French in musique too! Joyce Jonathan - Sur Mes Gardes. 

EH?!...I feel bad for the poor guy stuck in there...

can hear these lovelies at night...

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