Thursday, 1 November 2012


2 months down! I still have days where I hate it here and days where I love it. But I'm pretty sure that's true of wherever we are, and it's not actually the place, it's the people around you and your accomplishments that make the days. The days I hate it here, tend to be the days where I'm particularly stared at! The other day there was this guy staring at me, he covered his mouth and whispered to his friends something as he stared. I know I'm technically an alien, but I'm an English alien...not an outer space alien. I do know that when you do that, you're talking about what you're staring! Seriously, just be a little more coy!

I find the Chinese language a really blunt one. In English you have a choice as to whether you want to say something politely or bluntly. And you're only ever really blunt with your dearest, who you know well enough to be able to that without them taking too much offence. But in Chinese, it all seems very blunt to me. So a lot of the time to me things come over as rude in Chinese, but I think that's just the nature of the language. There is no other way of saying it! 

The electricity worries me. Every so often I'll hear a random crack, fizzle or hissing from the plug sockets. I fear it shall all explode one day. 

There is a resident lizard living in the kitchen. I'm all fine with lizards outside, but I'm not so keen on them being in the kitchen! If you keep your place clean you don't to get too many bugs though! You can't leave your dishes to wash them later...because later they will be covered in ants and all manor of strange bugs. (Beth and Vic, I'm gonna be a whizz at doing dishes IMMEDIATELY when I get back!)The Taiwanese don't seem to fussed about sharing their homes and restaurants with bugs though. I guess we become complacent when we see the same things every day. I however am not so keen on sharing with bugs!

It's still pretty hot here. Every few days it gets cooler and a tad windy. But is only really cold when you're riding the scooter on a windy evening! 

I learnt something kinda interesting the other day. A lot of the time you see little kids walking around with no shoes on outside. But it's not because the parents can't afford shoes or anything like that. It's intentional. We met a wealthy chap and his kids were running around with no shoes. The Taiwanese do this to kinda build up the kids immunity. I see the logic, but I also foresee tetanus along with that! In the UK we can often be a little too cleanliness minded, kill all the germs. But some bacteria IS good for you. I don't think I would force kids to go around with no shoes. Play in the garden with no shoes yeah, but walk around everywhere with no shoes...especially in Taiwan, where a rat will randomly scuttle out of nowhere! I certainly wouldn't want to walk around bare foot but it was interesting to hear out the Taiwan logic on the matter. (Taiwan isn't ready for Abi logic hehe!)

2 months has gone pretty quick and a lot has happened in 2 months. Crazy!

Tuneage of the day: Daughter - Landfill.

interesting little den like thing on my walk to uni...

my's gonna be so weird when she goes to live with my friend
 at the end of the month! (at least  I can still go over to play.)

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