Sunday, 28 October 2012

The war...

There seems to be a distinct war between scooter riders and car drivers!! The cars beep at the scooters (I'm not always sure why), the scooter riders laugh in the faces of the cars by weaving past them. And no one really pays any attention to the laws of the road. The number of times you see riders with no helmets. Or a mother and three children on one little scooter!! Running a red light is nothing here. So when it comes to rush hour, it's a ruddy nightmare! Just a bit of a free for all and hope that you make it through! (Not a big fan of scooting in rush hour, I fear for my life.) And if you attempt to be a should fear even more. I'm so confused by the pedestrian crossing. You wait for it to go to the little green running man before you cross...but whilst you have a green running man, the lights are green for the cars and scooters too. So it's not exactly all that safe crossing the road! ODD!

Scooter riding is going much better now I use it more. By jove, I think she's got it! I love scooting at night here...though there are far too many flashing lights, making it a tough call on which are traffic lights and which are shop lights! 

Is PSY -Gangnam Style big in the UK? It's a horrific Korean pop song, with a crazy dance (reminiscent of Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Sorry.) Well it's massive over here, the song itself is appalling but to dance it like a loon with some crazy people can be a laugh. 

But an actual good song to listen to...Alt J - Taro.


  1. Psy made number 1. And broke the world record for most 'liked' video. Nuf said ;) x

  2. Has the world gone mad. Clearly a lot of people like to have their eyes and ears abused!!! x