Monday, 1 October 2012

Auditory Learning...

Well I discovered something fascinating yesterday. I'm going to be a bit of a nerd today. But I have discovered I am predominantly an auditory learner. Oooh! My friend who is also a teacher enlightened me on this one. So people learn in different ways, the main groups are auditory, visual, kinesthetic. Anyway, why I find it so fascinating is because it makes so much sense as to why I do certain things in life! Ha. An auditory learner learns through audio...well that was a given. But that can be in many different ways. It could be audio tapes, videos, music, rhymes...they remember things by how they sound. But the other thing I find fascinating is that an auditory learner finds it really hard learning things in silence, and this is why a lot of auditory learners need music or some background noise to be able to retain what they are reading/studying. And written information can have little impact on an auditory learner. I don't feel so stupid now, for being able to read something 3 or 4 times over and still have no idea what it's going on about!  Without background noise most auditory learners will talk to themselves! (I have a real excuse for talking to myself now!) I can now feel justified for listening to insane amounts of music and not being able to function without it hehe! 

I will often tell you I have an epiphany when I say it out loud. It's like there is this thought in my head trying to compose itself but it's not quite puzzled together yet. Then I say it out loud and it suddenly makes sense because I've HEARD it! Though this doesn't make sense as to why when my mum says 'do you remember when you were little and we went to....?' Why I will then come back with 'was I wearing (such and such), if so then yes I remember' But hey! 

I think most people are a mix of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. But it's incredibly fascinating! I am now wondering whether it affects our personality, traits and characteristics in everyday life also! And how do we acquire the method in which we learn best? Our brains are all made in the same way, everything is in the same place, temporal lobes and all that...but it's incredible how we learn, perceive and experience things so differently! Mind boggling!

Onto a less brain engaging topic! Last night we went to a rather nice, posh area of Taizhong city and had a delightfully splendid evening! There was a cool park and restaurants of all different sorts of cuisines. It almost felt like you weren't in Taiwan! It was expensive area, but when I say expensive, I mean expensive for Taiwan. Normally I'll pay little over £1 for a meal that usually consists of noodles or rice a drink and a soup. Well not last night, for one I had Turkish food. The atmosphere and interior of the place was soooo cool, really nice. And I had lamb with different dips, bread, a salad, a smoothie type drinkle and tea. For a tenner. So I say expensive, but I couldn't get all that for a tenner in the UK. We are planning to go back and try some of the other restaurants as a treat every so often. It was really cool seeing a different side of Taiwan. 

Well as I am an auditory learner I have been listening to The Smiths in order to help me learn haha! The Smiths - Stretch out and Wait is my tune of the day.

no noodles on this table thanks! i also took quite a liking to the tablecloth!


  1. I have no idea what kind of learner I am, but I'd say it's probably not auditory as I often find music more a 'distraction' than a learning aid.

    Do they like their spice over there? I'm looking at that lamb thing and thinking it's got a kick. I love spicy food.

  2. Yeah a lot of people say music is a distraction to them. But I'm more likely to drift off into my own world if there is no noise, or just get frustrated because nothing is going in.

    Taiwanese aren't huge on spice, it saddens me! The lamb had a little kick to it, but not hugely. Considering how easily chillies grow here (we've got some growing in our courtyard), they're not used an awful lot! There probably are places that do spicy food, I just haven't found them yet!

  3. Ah so I could visit without dying then!! :P

    I don't find music distracting, but I doubt I'm a audio-learner being deaf and what not, maybe I'm visual as i remember images and printed word. . .What does kinesthetic learning mean?

  4. Oh that was me by the way!!


  5. Beth...well you wouldn't die from the food. As for all other possibilities of death, I can't say for sure :P

    Kinesthetics is learn by doing, hands on stuff. Ha, well you wouldn't find music a distraction being deaf my dear! :P Hey, do you have to take your ears out when you put headphones on?! Random thought that just sprung to my attention!