Monday, 22 October 2012

Random musings...

Puppy training has been fun! Sometimes she understands sometimes she doesn't. Fortunately the flooring in Taiwan houses is laminate or accidents are easy enough to clean up. I'm not sure what happened, before I would never want to clean up after a dog, but now I have this little madam to look after I just do it with no second thought. She's super fun but I will be happy when we have found a proper home for her. And I am sure she will have more fun too! 

So most Taiwanese people are Buddhist and there are temples pretty much everywhere. There is one just over the road from my place. I find the temples to be overly elaborate and showy, but when you ask a Buddhist what they believe, each one will tell you something different. But each temple is also for a different god. When I first got here every Friday for about a month every Buddhist family would prepare a food table and burn paper money and incense, in the hopes that all the things they burnt would go to their dead ancestors. I don't know how many of them actually believe this or just do it because it's tradition. It's interesting trying to understand where they are coming from...but it still makes no logical sense to me.

But this is the thing I have found here. Most people don't really have their own opinions on things, the majority do what has been ingrained and passed down through tradition. Coming from a culture and a family that encourages you to have your own opinion, I find that tough. All very homogenised...which as somewhat of a quirky person, it's my worst nightmare.

I have my own scooter now. So I have been a lot more adventurous with the scooting. Which did lead me to falling into a van once, but since then it's been all good. So I plan to make my own adventures now! Yay!

Tune of the day...Soft Bullets - Posterity. Stunning piano!

the incredibly cute, incredibly hard work pup

elaborate temple...

my wheels...(have to kick start her and the fuel gage doesn't really work, but we get around ok)

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