Friday, 5 October 2012

Scoot scoot scooters...

Up until now I've mainly driven the car around and just occasionally driven the scooter. I thought it was about time I changed that!

Now we all know that I've only just, a couple of months ago, learnt how to ride a bike. So two wheels doesn't exactly come naturally to me. I love it and think being on two wheels is a far more exciting way to get around and experience life. Driving down the random little lanes is always fun on a scooter. You never know what you will see. Today for example, I rode the scooter down this little alley way/shortcut and encountered a herd of goats! Random! I will choose the scooter over the car every time given the opportunity. But I don't just get on two wheels and go yes I know exactly what I'm doing at the minute. I guess that will come with time, like now driving a car just comes naturally. But when you're learning you're like 'clutch, gas, what, now you want me to change gear?!' I had my first little accident...! Nothing major (mum don't freak I'm fine), I just crashed into a small wall. I'm not the best at taking corners, I misjudged the corner and hit the wall, as I did so I came over the scooter and kinda found myself bent over the wall. This sounds more dramatic than it actually was! But scooters are pretty hardy things! It now has a few scratches and a little crack (I feel sooooo bad about that! Fortunately my housemate, who owns the scooter is very chilled out about these things and was cool about it!) but it's perfectly fine and it rides around fine still. You hit a car and it seems to effect other parts of the car and it becomes one big expensive job to fix. I got myself back home in one piece after that, gotta get right back on the  proverbial horse right! That's what I did and managed to take all the corners fine haha!

Everyone tells me you cannot come to Taiwan and not have an accident, so that makes me feel slightly better! Hopefully I will get better at taking corners though!!! Either that or I'm just gonna have to plan routes that require straight roads only ha!  

Vino the scooter.

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