Saturday, 20 October 2012

There is no small dog in my bag...

I have decided I like the food in Taiwan that isn't Taiwanese. Friday I went to a French restaurant (which plays French music in the background and has a very interesting lighting piece made of umbrellas) and today I went to a Japanese restaurant. The food was good at both places. Most Taiwanese food I find to be very samey. Pleasant enough but all tastes the same.

Today I did something very irresponsible! So in Taiwan I despair at the way animals are treated. In my street there is a rabbit in a cage outside, the rabbit fills the most part of the cage pretty much and is constantly shaking from fear. Then the dogs...this is what gets me the most, there are stray dogs everywhere that just look sad and unhealthy. But the worst is when there are fully grown dogs in cages, or tied in chains outside their owners house. If there was an RSPCA out here, they would have one heck of a job on their hands. I was with my friend up in the mountains and this tiny black lab looking puppy comes out of nowhere, covered in dirt. Her mum had abandoned her and she was super scared. So we ended up feeding her bread and milk. This was a bad move...because now we have kinda adopted her! OOPS! (This happened to another friend of mine a few weeks ago too, she ended up taking in a puppy they found on the street and now Linus is a bundle of fun!) We gave our little puppy a bath, so now she is the cutest black bundle of fur ever!(Anyone know how to house train a puppy?!...) It's all incredibly irresponsible but I like the idea that us Westerners are saving the dogs of Taiwan one puppy at a time! I'm just taking care of her until either my friend can take her (her housemate is scared of her but is moving out next month) or we find a better home for her. But I have the fun job of training her. 

interesting lighting at the french cafe...

my wonderfully sophisticated coffee at the french cafe also...i shall be going back here...!

badly treated animals...
my puppy...she finds cameras intriguing...


  1. Keeeeeeeeeep her!!!!

    Love Hannah & Dave x

  2. She is super cute. Hard work though. She is going to live with my friend from next I can still go and play! Yay! I think dogs are one of those things you can't have in your luggage at the airport... ;)