Monday, 15 October 2012

Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get away...

Oooooh I had a wonderful weekend. I went camping on the beach with my Western friendlings! ROAD TRIP! (Drinking Corona's in the Corona ;)) We hopped down to Kenting, down in the very south of Taiwan, right at the very tip. We left insanely early Saturday morning and spent the whole day on the beach. My word it was beautiful! The ocean was a gorgeous shade of bluey green (not like the British murky looking sea.) I was expecting the water to be a little cold, but oh no no it was nice and warm. 

We went to the main street in Kenting and found corn dogs. I've always heard of them in American movies, my Canadian friends insisted they were good stuff, so I tried. It is the weirdest thing ever, it's like a hot dog sausage wrapped in a doughnut type dough. Really odd, but not half bad. 

It gets dark really early here in the summer. It's generally dark by about 6pm. So five girls putting up two tents in the pitch black was hilarious! But we did a good job in my humble opinion. Hehe! And it was soooo wonderful to be located somewhere where there was no light pollution at all! The stars were EPIC! It was a beautiful moment, laid down staring at the stars, surrounded by palm trees, with the sounds of the ocean in the background! It felt sooooo good being in such a natural setting. It's so easy to take the beauty of nature for granted. But to just be in such a simple, organic spot was incredible. I can't describe the epicness of the moment! Then in a true camping fashion we drank vodka around the camp fire we made.

Waking up to the sounds of the sea is a fantastic way to wake up. The people down in Kenting are very very different to the rest of the Taiwanese people I have met. Kenting has the best surf beach on the island. So a lot of foreigners come to surf. So most people speak English, and they don't stare at you half so much. We went to this diner shack place for brekkie. I had the best brekkie I have had here so far. All the surfers hang out here, we all had a fry up and iced coffees! It was goooood! The owners were so nice as well and have made the place such a chilled out place. It seriously felt like we were in a different country! 

We went to the beach again and swam across an estuary like part of the sea. It was so calm. We swam half way and then just took in the scenery. Mountain and lush green foliage and palm trees! EPIC! (Totally made me think of some of the scenes from Lost hehe!) 

We went to an aquarium marine biology place too. I am in two minds on that one. I'm a little anti zoo's and such places, but on the other hand it was amazing to be able to see up close what is in our oceans. All the creatures they had there are what can be found in the ocean around Taiwan...including a whale shark, which is HUGE, balugas, seals, puffins (I love them!) and so many stunning fish of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. I had no idea tuna fish are actually pretty big! There is so much about the ocean life that we just have no idea about! 

The weekend was wonderful. It was great spending time with my Mexican and Canadian friends. We made it a proper Western weekend and had such a laugh! And it was refreshing not being judged so much for our Western ways. A very revitalizing weekend that makes all the craziness of Taiwan bearable.

The tune of the trip was Four Non Blondes - What's Up and also Good Old War - Can't Go Home.

None of my photos show this places true beauty. So I guess you'll just have to come and visit hehe...

we camped just here, the view from the tent...

the sunset at the beach...

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