Saturday, 29 September 2012


My word I've been here a month! Thinking back to the first week I was here I was thinking 'crap! what am I doing here?!', and those first few days went so slowly. Now I've kind of got used to Taiwan life and time is flying by. I don't know if it is possible to ever truly get used to Taiwan life! It's a very odd one. Don't think, Just do is the kinda attitude that comes across. I think when you live in a foreign country, it can make you feel like it's home but not home as you know it! It's all very comfortable and what not, but you're very aware that this is not how you normally live. 

Last night was a very odd one. A woman that does Threading came over to 'Thread us'. (For those of you wondering...Threading is like shaving I guess but they use a Thread and kinda pluck your hair out!) So threading is apparently quite the rage over here. Women traditionally get it done before they get married to make them more beautiful. I know we have places that do it in the UK, but here it's much more popular! Plus in the UK most people would just have their eyebrows threaded...not Taiwanese though...they subject themselves to having their whole face and arms done! WHAT! So I sat there watching my housemates getting it done, watching the tears run down their little faces! Does it hurt? Was a stupid question for me to ask! Why would you put yourself through that if it hurts so much?! (whilst I sat there also thinking, but if you went out in the sun and got a tan, no one would be able to see your hairy face anyway...not that my housemate even has a hairy face!) All in the pursuit of 'beauty'! I have always been a firm believer that beauty is subjective and everyone perceives it in different why do we deem certain things to make us beautiful? Is it merely something we do to make us feel more confident about ourselves? Or something we feel we are pressured into doing? Nonetheless, I followed the 'When in Rome' principle and got myself threaded though...I like a little bit of pain anyway so I thought why not! I only got my eyebrows threaded (as I sat down I feared I would end up with no eyebrows by the end of it) really wasn't painful at all! But I also don't think it was anymore effective than waxing or plucking. (What a girly post this is!)

A typhoon is passing through at the moment, it's not coming to where I am, but we get the tail end of it. So it's been incredibly windy, but still warm! Riding on the back of the scooter whilst typhoon winds swirl around is an experience and a half. Nearly lost my helmet at one point, and I feel I should apologise to Taiwan for choosing the WRONG clothing to wear! Note to self: Typhoon winds and riding a scooter...DO NOT WEAR A FLOATY DRESS! 

Oh and a really random side point! Milk is not the same here. But I have to keep telling myself, back home there are cows in the fields down the road and milk is easy to make for Brits. Taiwan not so much! Anyhow, really weird thing happened to my milk. It turned to YOGHURT! Yes, yes it did! I'm not sure how, but it did. My American friend told me she likes making yoghurt over here. How do you that? I asked her, milk and time she came back with. (not to be confused with thyme as initially sprung to my mind!) Well now I understand how she does it! Very odd though!!


  1. Please don't put Thyme in your milk!!! ha ha ha. I guess it's the temp?

    Really Abi you put a floaty dress on???!!! :O


  2. Shall I put oregano in instead?! I'm not sure what it is but it's strange!

    I know, I know, it was a bad move. I didn't realise how windy it was until it was too late. The polka dots were seen by all! ;)