Thursday, 27 September 2012

Where did all these people come from?!

Last night me and some of my housemates decided we would go out for dinner. When you can go out for a meal for about £1 it's almost cheaper and far easier to go out! We are really near the high street so we walked it. Most of the time I've been walking around Shalu it's been daytime and it's pretty quiet, a ton of scooters everywhere but not many people milling around. Well they all come out at night! We got to the high street and there was just people and scooters everywhere! There were extra shops that seemed to pop up out of nowhere, that definitely weren't there when I walked by during the day! Where did all these people come from?!

Most little places you go to eat they have a kind of notepad of the menu and you have to tally beside what you want and then give it to the staff. I fear that made no sense, so see the picture below. I think it's a pretty sweet idea! I'm just very grateful I've always been out with people that can read most of the characters! So they can tell me what is actually on the menu. I'm sorta tempted to one day just go out on my own and randomly pick something and see what I get given ha! But hey, I can order my coffee now (or at least muddle my way through) so that's a start. I'll get round to learning the menu's at some point! 

And on the coffee front, my housemate turfed out a cafetiere that she had hidden in a cupboard. This makes for a very happy Abi. Coffee is pretty hard to find round these parts, but you can get coffee beans, so just gotta whazz 'em up and I am good to go! It's not quite the same as coffee back home. It's no Taylor's After Dark blend, but when you've gone a month with only two cups of goes down pretty well! 

I've become accustomed to doing pre study and 功課 (homework) on my balcony. Yes that's right I have a balcony! Mental! The Taiwanese hate to tan (or 'get lines' as they like to say.) But no I'm staying a typical Brit, sun's out, I'm out. Still in the mentality of got to make the most of the sun whilst it lasts! Haha! 

Song of the day, Rae Morris - Back to Front. (she's playing at Exeter Cavern on Saturday 29th, you should go in my behalf and why not have a drinkle in my behalf too hehe!) 

a typical menu...


  1. Like the menus that is a good idea. Had stir fry and noodles in your honour last night he he sure it's not quite the same as the real thing though. Yay you've finally got coffee, mornings just aren't the same without a good strong cup of coffee I think that's what I'd miss most. Hope you had a nice meal and have a good day! Janine aka fish face x

  2. Yeah the menu's are cool. No I'm sure your stir fry was probably much nicer!! You have a real kitchen to cook in! Hehe. I know, I have now mastered the art of the perfect amount of beans to blend. Happy bunny! Mmm, can't beat a good caffeine addiction! ;)

  3. Hee Hee I think of you every morning wondering how you survive without coffee!! glad to hear the problems solved!! xx