Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today I tried squid...uhhh 不好吃 I don't muchly like it!! I also don't get what the rave about bubble tea (珍珠奶茶)  is all about, I didn't really like that either. It's a weird really milky tea kinda drink but it has these weird little chewy balls in it. WEIRD!  

It's really weird how us human beings can just adapt to new surroundings. I mean, yes the Taiwanese have weird ways of doing things (they don't have showers in the way we have's a case of here's a shower head, now you use improv!) and lots of things like that. But you just adapt to it and get on. Now seeing scooters parked everywhere and seeing rice fields in between blocks of houses has become normal to me.

My song to go along with that thought is by an amazing band I found recently called The Paper Kites, their song The Mortal King Boy is sooooo hauntingly beautiful. Go check it out! (I'm struggling with the lack of a music scene out here!)

typical 'street'

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