Monday, 17 September 2012

Night market...

So I found myself at a night market last night. Well what an experience that was! I'd read up and heard about them before I came out here. But wow, experiencing them is a very different thing! There are sooooo many people, so many different stalls with various foods, which thus means all manner of smells from all the different types of food. Then there clothes shops packed between all the stalls. Lights flashing everywhere. It's just like being in a big city...except it's night time and you feel you should probably be in bed, but no you've gone out and your senses are being attacked from every direction! The atmosphere is bizarre and you never know what you are going to see next!

I got rather excited when I saw a place with frozen yoghurt...and it wasn't half bad tasting either. The Taiwanese have come up with their own version of a jacket spud too. I mean they put very weird things in it, but it was rather refreshing to have something mildly like home cooking! The vendors give out little samples of their stuff too, so half the time I'm not sure what I'm about to try, but hey it's all very exciting! 

And my most exciting find last night...a lovely orange dress for...wait for it...100 NT! So that's a little over £2. What a bargain. How long it lasts, we shall see! 

weird kinda tapioca/jelly like drink things...

Taiwan's version of a jacket spud...

this was a relatively quiet area...

funky 衣服的商店


  1. Hey Abi, all sounds very exciting. Tried 臭豆腐 yet?

    Like Paper Kites - can't seem to find any albums available, though. Have you got one? CD > mp3!


    1. Hey!

      No I've avoided 臭豆腐 thus far. The smell put me right off! I fear I won't get away with it that easy and have to try it at some point though!

      Mm Paper Kites are amazing! Yeah I do have a few tracks. I'll try and chuck a couple tracks your way to check out. A couple of their EP's are on itunes.

      Hope all is good in Exeter and the group!

  2. Hey glad to see your doing well. Sounds like there's lots to see and do and experience. Looking forward to seeing your orange dress lol. Take care of yourself and don't eat to much potato cheese! Zaijain Janine x

    1. Hello!

      Yes all is good in the Taiwanese hood. Oh there is sooooo much I haven't explored yet. But it's all very exciting.

      Hopefully my orange dress will return with me. It is 很舒服 so no doubt at some point I'll end up popping up a pic of it!

      I found peanut butter yesterday, it was sorta sweet and I had to settle for smooth, but oh it was an exciting time!

      Hope all is good with you guys. x