Saturday, 8 September 2012


I ordinarily hate big coffee chains and would much rather go to a cute, little cafe. But today I was soooo happy to go to Starbucks and have some actual decent coffee. JOY! Think I'm going to have to learn how to order my coffee though...I was most grateful that I had a friend with me to help! Ha! I will get this lingo eventually!

I spied out a music shop too, so I'm gonna have to go and take a cheeky visit there.

Just about getting used to driving here now. The traffic lights give you a countdown to when they are going to turn green. Which I think is genius! Roundabouts don't exist here either!

Yesterday some of the neighbours came round with some fruit for us. They gave us the tiniest bananas you have ever seen. Very cute. I love that the Taiwanese use their local produce, it's so fresh and just wonderful. Guava and Mango = The best breakfast. It never made sense to me that us Brits import things that we can grow ourselves but hey! 

aren't these the cutest bananas ever?!

and this is a little center piece at my friends place. I love it! 

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