Sunday, 2 September 2012

Here in my car...

So today I drove a car over here for the first time. Yep I'm still alive!

It's a weird thought having the steering wheel on the left and driving on the right hand side of the road. But it's not as scary to do as I thought. Yes I did keep whacking the door in an attempt of using a clutch that was not there! But hey I'll get used to it. 

It is insanely hot over here right now. So everyone has a fan in every room and they are on constantly. But just one more month of unbearable heat and then it starts to cool down.

Oh and a side point...which those of you who know of my hatred of purple will find amusing. My room here has a trim of purple around the entirety of the room. It was the first thing I noticed as I walked into the room. ARGH! Beth and Vic do not be getting any ideas!!

Today I managed to get the internet hooked up to my laptop....Eventually! So I am happy to be able to listen to GOOD music again! YAY! Today's song of the day is Kyla La Grange - Walk through Walls.

ma ride!


  1. Nice wheels! Did you buy it or borrow it? Kyla La Grange is soooo good! Where did you first hear her? In fact, where do you go on the interwebs to find such music?

    Glad it's going well! x

    1. oh and rough trade as well, they always have some interesting artists worth checking out.

  2. I'm borrowing it. My housemate has the car and a scooter, so I get to use whatever she isn't using. Thinking I might get on two wheels when I get back! Ah fair miss Kyla La Grange...isn't she just! She is one of the artists that inspired me to get back to songwriting. I randomly stumbled upon her on the tube of the you.
    Where I go on the that would be telling! I probably go about things a bit backwards but I'm a sucker for a good acoustic session, so I just type acoustic session into youtube and go through stuff that looks interesting, then I check out the bands I like. Theres a couple of youtube channels that have amazing sessions. Also whenever I go onto hmv to check out a band they tell me artists that are similar. Most of my best finds are just random searching though.

    Cheers me dear, hope all is good in Engerland! I miss good coffee and tea!! But having a blast out here. :)

  3. Bikes > cars! Fact!!

    Ohhh songwriting eh? What sort of stuff do you do? Any of it 'out there' in the web ether?

  4. :)

    Hmmm Abi songwriting consists of start something I never finish! Ha, no just whatever is whirring around in my head in an acoustic fashion. I was leaning more towards piano before I left, but now I am without a pi-a pi-a pi-a-no. Oh no no no, one has not braved putting it Anywhere other than my bedroom thus far!!

    I hear the summer finally found England?!? :O

  5. Pah! Summer in Engerland - you must be joking! Saying that, I think I prefer the humidity and heat here rather than where you are!

    Do you sing too? What kind of genre do you go for?

    We might have to jam at this rate.

  6. You poor pastey white Brits. (not that I have that much of a tan considering) The wind has picked up a little, so we actually get a breeze now. It's not that bad at all. Ahh but you're forgetting in hot countries most people take an afternoon nap because it's too hot. I love taking my little 休息 every so often.

    I do sing too. Genre...I'm too fickle to tie myself down to one genre. Depends on my mood, generally a folky, alternativey kinda vibe going down though I guess. Slightly indie at times.

    Well Mr Miller you're very welcome to just pop over for a jam sesh. :P