Friday, 21 September 2012

An Ode to Cereal...

Well well my lovely American friend took me to Costco Wholesale. It's a huge supermarket full of imported foods! This is the place to go for the things you miss from home. So I'm Special K'd up for the next few months! Oh joy, how wonderful it will be to have cereal for breakfast. I really was not enjoying having rice for breakfast! The other day my housemate put before me a bowl of rice and pork fat for brekkie...I was already feeling a bit ill that morning, oh it did not go down well! I now have milk to put in my tea too. Ah my little face was beaming as I found pasta and cheese! I was so happy in fact, that I started singing songs from The Lion King as I merrily skipped around the store. You know you have a happy Abi on your hands when I start randomly singing! 

Now these 7-11 stores. I have now learnt, that every time you spend 66NT (about £1.50 ish) you get a little sticker. The woman gave me my sticker and I was thinking, oh how cute. I then found out that you are supposed to collect these stickers and then you get a free toy or some other tacky thing. I don't really want the toy but I am happy to have a sticker! It made me feel like when I was kid collecting the FIFA stickers! 

Epic tune of today = Metric - Gold, Guns, Girls. (Acoustic version is also 很好听!)

this is the little sticker from 7-11...and this chap is everywhere. I think he's called Doraemon
from some Japanese manga series.

and as I walked to 7-11...look what I saw on the pavement! I just found it amusing.

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