Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cooking, Washing and other such housewifey things...

For a while it has been puzzling me why all the Taiwanese wear their little face masks everywhere. Then I realised that actually Taiwan smells weird most of the time and all the fumes from the billions of scooters flying around probably ain't that great for the ol' respiratory equipment! Cough, cough, cough.

I was doing my washing today and thought to myself, this weather is an English housewife's heaven! I don't have to watch the weather and decide whether I can put a of load of washing on or not. We can just do it whenever we need clean clothes! (Vixylix, imagine all the towels one could wash AND dry in just one day of Taiwan weather!) 

General rule about food in Taiwan...if it looks sweet it's probably not. My housemate gave me what I can only describe as Taiwan's version of a donut/doughnut (I'm not sure how to spell anymore?!) Anyhow, the filling was red bean paste. First few bites it didn't seem so bad...after that it was just weird. And the other observation...if it's not supposed to be sweet, it probably is. I had a bit of a craving for toast so I got some bread, and it's really sweet. Not quite what I was expecting ha! Gee Taiwanese like their white powders eh! If it isn't smothered in Salt, it's drowned in Sugar. It makes eating quite the game for your tastebuds! Haha!

So think of your camping cooking experiences. You get your gas hob going and try to think of different things that can be cooked on a hob for a few days. Well cooking for yourself in Taiwan is just like that! Basically people only really have a gas hob here. So if you don't want noodles or rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you're a tad screwed! All suggestions for things that can be cooked on a hob warmly welcome!...and before you go and say ummm Abi...pasta! Don't! I am yet to find a store that sells pasta! 

A track I am in love with at the minute is Paper Aeroplanes - Lost. The lyrics are beautiful and made even more beautiful by Sarah's stunning vocals. Oh the melody just gets me every time I listen to it! 

red bean paste something or other...even the thing itself doesn't look happy ;)


  1. Agree on Paper Aeroplanes. Very good. Check this:

  2. Ahhhh soooooooo goooood!! Ah words just cannot describe the feeling amazing music can have on you! Thinking me needs to learn this tune-age!