Monday, 24 September 2012


Pretty much most days here I have heard fireworks! It's crazy, there appears to be no real reason for them other than the fun of it. Back home, it's pretty much November 5th and New Year's that you ever really hear fireworks. And if you hear them any other time we tend to wonder why and what they're for!

A lot of the time I see and hear kids playing in the street with firecrackers. The first time I heard it, was when it woke me up from an afternoon nap. My word, I had a slight panic the street was being blown up haha!! In England we have so many rules and regulations about when, where, who, whatever can and can't 'play' with fireworks, going overboard with health and safety rules and regs. But here you just light 'em up when you feel like it, regardless of who you are! Such extremes! It appears balance does not exist in the world ha! Is one extreme better than the other? I can't decide! 

On a side point I keep seeing loads of squashed toads in the road...I've never once seen one hopping around in the flesh. It puzzles me. 

Tuneage of one's day belongs to...Damien Rice - Volcano. He is a musical genius! And you gotta love the harmonies from the delightful Lisa Hannigan. 

a bit of a naff shot but fireworks i can see from my bedroom window.

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  1. the toads prob only cpme out at night and so you only get to see the squished ones in the daylight!! :P
    Beth xx