Saturday, 15 September 2012

Small victories and Bugs!

I'm now learning that we must take great joy in the small victories we achieve. I will not be able to speak Mandarin fluently overnight. But today I managed to have a little conversation with a friend who doesn't speak English. It was nothing amazing, but it's something I couldn't do two weeks ago! Partly due to the lack of confidence. So HURRAY!

I always thought that when one visits another country, one should get completely involved in the culture. I always thought that if I were to live a Western life in an Eastern country, then this is cheating and you're not experiencing culture. Whilst I still think this is true to a point, I'm realising that it is sooooo important to have some sort of 'normality' in your home life, but still enjoy the culture and live in and amongst it. For some people, their constant thing they need is home food, for others home tv...for me it's music! I realised that if I can't get by in British life without music as my on earth could I manage in another country without my constant?! 

The bugs are bugging me now! There are ants everywhere! It's like when you go out on a picnic and then end up having a battle with an army of ants, except it's constantly! Then we have the jumping spiders, they're pretty small so no big deal, but you go to swat them and then they outwit you and jump away. I'm pretty sure I saw a cockroach the other day, but it scuttled off and I don't know where it went (a little perturbing!) But I did see a very interesting gecko looking lizardy thing the other day, that was pretty cool. And oh the mosquitos...the first week they left me alone, not a single they've decided I taste good. Though I'm doing pretty well compared to a lot of my friends, I only have a few bites. So I can't complain. I am happy to report I have not seen any silver fish...they were my nemesis back home, so I am glad they don't seem to be around over here! 

The Paper Kites - Drifting. Seems kinda fitting for the thoughts here. I spent the day listening to this on repeat...I love the lyric 'there's no way of showing if we, ended up where we planned' Genius!

no i'm not off to play tennis today. just gonna smash those mosquitos! this is an amazing device, very satisfying when you see the fizz from catching a mosquito.


  1. Go Get them!!!! :P

  2. Damn straight, those beastly bugs won't know what's hit 'em! Abacus has hit 'em! And we thought the silverton spiders were bad!