Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Turning the corner...

I have been getting all frustrated with my lack of Chinese language skills. Then I got to thinking and decided that foreigners come to England with very broken English but we still understand them. So I decided, JUST GO FOR IT! I realised that the things I fear the most are the unknowns and the things that 'may' happen. And all too often these unknowns either never happen or aren't as bad as we play them out to be in our heads. So yes I am making mistakes but that really is the only way for me to learn. And those mistakes are stepping stones. I think when we learn skills as adults we want to be an expert straight away. So fearlessly trying is by no means easy, but if it gets you closer to the goal you want to reach then surely it's worth giving it a shot! 

So I was told how there is a 7-11 shop on pretty much every corner of every block. (7-11's are a convenience store, similar to our Spar I guess.) And...Well...it's true! On pretty much every corner you turn, there you have another 7-11. 

We had roast duck (烤鸭) here yesterday. The Taiwanese love the skin and bones and aren't so keen on the actual meat. (This works out great for me...I get to eat the meaty bits that no one wants.) And apparently the most delicious bit is the brain! I'm pretty adventurous with my food but not even I could stretch myself so far as to try it. Just watching someone eat it got my gag reflex going! It is funny how our culture and upbringing dictates what we deem to be good/bad. Here, it is just a fact that the skin and bones are the best bit of the animal. Back home we tend to throw away the bits we don't want. It's a strange thought. Who decided in each country or area what is/isn't acceptable? And how much does culture have a bearing on our actions in life? We all have a moral code but every country views things differently. It's fascinating to see as an outsider looking in. 

My tune of the day is Erin K & Tash - Keep Her. 

my nearest 7-11. the one of many...

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